The Snapper is a tank that upgrades from the Mega Trapper at level 45. Look here for the idea that would make the Mega Trapper a tier 3 tank.


It would resemble a Mega Trapper with a much longer and slightly thinner Launcher.


It would be very similar to the Mega Trapper, but with a few differences:

  • It would shoot traps of a slightly lower size
  • It would shoot these traps much farther - approximately 3-5 times as far.
  • It would be able to become invisible, disappearing completely in 6 seconds.
  • The traps would last as long as a Trapper's (much longer than the Mega Trapper's) but it would fire far more slowly.
  • Its fire rate would be about equal to the Mega Trapper's.
  • It would have a base stat debuff to Trap Damage.


  • It's name is a combination of "Sniper" and "Trapper" but it is closer to a combination of the Stalker and the Mega Trapper.

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