Hello M8s, let's start this thing! First, watch this:


Triangles and Squares

Alpha square

Stats: 1 000XP (0.333... Alpha pentagons, 100 Squares), 357HP (600 on video, 0.33271202236 Alpha pentagons, 255 squares).

Location: Square-Triangle nest (borders)

Alpha triangle

Stats: 2 000XP (0.66... Alpha pentagons, 80 Triangles) 715HP (1000 on the video, 0.66635601118 Alpha pentagons, 166.279069767 Triangles).

Location: ST nest



Stats: 450XP (3.46153846154 pentagons) 73HP (250 on the video, 3.41121495327 Pentagons)

Location: Hex nest (above the center)

Alpha Hexagon

Stats: 10 000XP (3.33... A pentagons, 22.2222... Hexagons) 3 600HP (3.35507921715 APs, 49.3150684932 Hexagons)

Location: Hex nest.



Stats> 750XP (5.76923076923 Pentagons) 124HP (400 on the video, 5.79439252336 Pentagons)

Location: Heptagon nest (center)

Alpha Heptagon

Stats: 50 000XP (16.6666666667 APs, 66.6666666667 Heptagons) 17885HP (19000 on video, 16.6682199441 APs, 144.233870968 Heptagons)

Location: Heptagon nest.


Mega Crasher

Stats: 50XP (3.33... Small crashers, 2 Crashers) 43HP (75 on the video, 30.7142857143 Small crashers, 10 Crashers)

Location: Hex and Heptagon nest

S. crasher doesn't spawn at Heptagon nest

Crasher doesn't spawn at ST nest

Pentagon nest now is under Heptagon nest.

Playable tanks

Tier 1 tanks lvl 1-14

You can play as Arena Closer, attacking other players to close the arena.

Tier 2 tanks lvl 15-29

Miner: E.F. Tank (first class), looks like a water drop and can break Maze walls.

Tier 3 tanks lvl 30-44

Minigun: E.F. Machine Gun, Like the Sprayer, but the small bullet is like a Gunner bullet. And evolves to Sprayer.

Home attacker: E.F. Machine gun, shoots small AI doritos. Looks like a M. gun with a long barel. Can evolve to Battleship.

Auto miner: E.F. Miner, has an auto cannon.

Tier 4 tanks lvl 45-59

Laser: E.F. Tank, Looks like a square with a cannon. Bullet destroys polygon and go to the closer polygon. Bullet looks like a rectangle.

Double home attacker: E.F. Home attacker. Two cannons.

Excavator: E.F. Auto miner. Looks like a Miner with two auto cannons, and black lines on the drill, that makes it mine faster.

Quad twin: E.F. Twin flank and Quad tank. 4 tank+Twin flank.

Tier 5 tanks lvl 60-74

16 tank: E.F. Octo tank, has 16 cannons.

Quintuplet: E.F. Spread shot, Penta shot and Triplet, like a Triplet with 5 cannons.

Septa shot (Hepta on video): E.F. Spread shot, Penta shot and Triplet, like a Penta shot with 7 cannons.

Triple triplet: E.F. Triplet, Triple twin and Quad twin, like 3 Triplets.

Quad triplet (not on the video): E.F. the same of 3 triplet. 4 triplets.

Sentinel: E.F. Ranger, has mothership's range.

Overlooker: E.F. Overlord, has 3 cannons that spawn 6 pentagons in total.

Miniship: E.F. Overlord, looks like mothership with 6 cannons, spawn 14 Doritos, M8!

Virus: E.F. Necromancer, looks like a pentagon without cannons, can controll squares, Doritos and pentagons.

Orb tank (not on the video): E.F. Necromancer, controlls a unbreakable orb, looks like a square without cannons.

Commander: E.F. Stalker, looks like a Dorito with 3 cannons, can change color in team gamemodes pressing Q, and trolling rival team with changed color.

Tank maker: E.F. Factory. Looks like a Dorito with an Overseer cannon. Drones are bigger and more powerful.

X Stalker: E.F. Stalker, Has Ranger's range and can change color in team gamemodes.

Bomber: E.F. Predator, looks like a predator with shorter cannon, shoots a bullet that explodes into a lot of bullets.

Mega tri-trapper: E.F. Mega trapper and Tri-trapper, is like 3 Mega trappers.

X Gunner trapper: E.F. Gunner trapper, like a gunner with a trapper cannon.

X Overtrapper: E.F. Overtrapper and Overlord, like a Trapper with 3 Overseer cannons, can spawn 8 Doritos.

Auto gunner trapper: E.F. Auto gunner, Auto trapper and Gunner trapper. Like a Gunner trapper with an auto cannon.

X auto gunner: E.F. Auto gunner, like a Gunner with 3 auto cannons.

Flamethrower: E.F. Streamliner, 2 Streamliner cannons.

Blower: E.F. Sprayer, Shoots one normal bullet, one Sprayer small bullet, and a Sniper bullet (more speed and penetration)

Mutant: E.F. Hybrid and Anihhilator, It's like a Destroyer with 2 Overseer cannons, spawns 8 Doritos.

Blaster: E.F. Anihhilator, shoots a bigger and more powerful bullet. Looks like a Machine gun with a giant cannon.

Racer: E.F. Booster and Fighter, like Booster+Fighter.

Auto 7: E.F. Auto 5, has 7 auto cannons.

Triple smasher: E.F. Landmine. Landmine+Tri-angle with an auto cannon, more speed because of the backside cannons.

Mega spike: 8 big spikes, with 1.5x Spike's damage.

Twin laser: E.F. Laser, like Twin+Laser.

Poison tank: E.F. Tank, poison bullets that drain opponent's life and can destroy a Mothership with 30 hits, looks like a pentagon with a cannon, bullet looks like a square.

Quad home attacker: E.F. Double home attacker. 4 cannons.

Gunner excavator: E.F. Excavator. Excavator with two gunner cannons.

Tier 6 tanks lvl 75-89

Multi tank: E.F. 16 tank. Looks like quad tank+gray circle. Shoots 4 bullets and 4 1/4 circles that gets bigger until disappears.

Septuplet (X hepta on the video): E.F. Hepta shot and Quintuplet. Quintuplet w. 7 cannons.

Penta triplet: E.F. Triple triplet. 5 Triplets in 1 tank.

Killer: E.F. Sentinel. Can see 1/6 of the map.

Pentagun: E.F. Overlooker. Looks like a pentagon w. 5 overseer cannons. Can shoot 10 pentagons.

Tank maker: E.F. Overlooker. Can make 6 tanks. Looks like a Necromancer w. 1 Overseer cannon.

Ship: E.F. Miniship. Looks like Miniship w. 8 cannons. Can spawn 20 doritos.

Brainwasher: E.F. Virus. Can Control tanks too. Looks like a Hexagon w. two Overseer cannons.

Manipulator: E.F. Orb tank. The orb's trail can make damage. Looks like a circle w. a black X.

War machine I: Pentagon+Overseer cannon. Drones are like Machine gun+Twin flank.

Spy: E.F. Commander. Looks like a double Necromancer.

Ninja: E.F. X stalker. Looks like a transparent X stalker.

Nuke launcher: E.F. Bomber. Bullet explodes into two circles and a beam.

Giga tri-trapper: E.F. M. tri-trapper. Has bigger cannons with more reload.

Auto gunner trapper 2: E.F. Auto gunner trapper and X gunner trapper. 4 Gunner cannons and 2 auto cannons.

Mega gunner trapper: E.F. X gunner trapper. Mega trapper+Gunner.

Ship trapper: E.F. Miniship and X overtrapper. M. Trapper+3 Ship cannons. Can spawn 12 doritos.

Auto Gunner 2: E.F. X auto gunner. 6 Gunner cannons+3 auto cannons.

Vaporizer: E.F. Flamethrower and Blower. Shoots a beam that can course 1/16 of map. Looks like Arena closer w. Larger cannon.

Ultra Mix: E.F. Mutant. Mutant+Bomber and Stalker.

Demolisher: E.F. Blaster. Looks like Blaster w. a red circle inside it (Blue on red team, and green on purple team). High reload.

Broom: E.F. Racer. Racer w. 3 more cannons.

Auto 9: E.F. Auto 7. 9 auto cannons.

Booster smasher: E.F. Triple smasher. Tri. smasher w. 2 more cannons.

Auto Spike: E.F. Mega spike. M. spike w. an auto cannon.

Triple laser: E.F. Twin laser. 3 laser cannons.

Vampire: E.F. Poison tank. Can Drain opponent's life and regenerate your's.

Black hole: E.F. Tank. Looks like a hex. w. a cannon. Bullet can attract players, other bullets, and polygons. 1 Bullet can kill 10 Pentagons.

Sprayer home attacker: E.F. Quad h. attacker. Qh attacker+Sprayer.

Digger: E.F. Gunner excavator. Excavator+Twin.

Tier 7 tanks lvl 90-104

Earthquake: E.F. Penta triplet and Multi tank. Bullet is a circle that gets bigger until disappear. Cannon is a gray circle.

Fan: E.F. Septuplet. Cannon looks like a fan, and bullet looks like a sound wave.

Seeker: E.F. Killer. Works like Hunter+Killer, but can see 1/5 of the map.

Hexagun: E.F. Pentagun. Hexagon+6 Overseer cannons. Can shoot 12 hexs.

Warship: E.F. Ship. Cannons are like Ship+Hunter. 20 doritos and 20 small AI doritos.

Hexamaster: E.F. Brainwasher. A hex that can control hexs.

Dual orb: E.F. Manipulator. A circle with a X and a -. Can control 2 orbs.

Hider: E.F. Spy. A square w. 8 Ship cannons that can spawn 16 Doritos.

War machine II: Looks like a hex w. an Overseer cannon. Drone is like War machine I drone+Smasher+Miner.

Ghost: E.F. Ninja. Ninja+Hunter (OMFG DIS TANK IZ LOOMINATI!!!)

Twin nuke: E.F. Nuke launcher. 2 Nuke launchers.

Multi trapper: E.F. Giga tri-trapper. Looks like Earthquake+small black circle on cannon. Can shoot traps everywhere

Auto gunner trapper 3: E.F. Mega gunner trapper, Auto gunner trapper 2 and Auto gunner 2. One Mega trapper cannon, 6 Gunner cannons, and 3 Auto turrets.

Warship trapper: E.F. Ship trapper. 3 Warship cannons and 1 M trapper cannon. Can spawn 12 Doritos and 9 mini AI Doritos.

Beamer: E.F. Vaporizer. Looks like Vaporizer w. a red circle inside it. Beam has 20x bullet speed, and we can't see it surpassing the vision range, but maybe a Seeker (near the Beamer) can do it.

Smasher mix: E.F. Ultra mix. Smasher+Ultra mix.

Bullet wall: E.F. Demolisher. Looks like Demolisher with a giant Home attacker cannon. Bullet shoots sniper bullets up and down, creating a wall of bullets.

Smasher broom: E.F. Broom. Broom+Landmine+2 auto turrets.

Auto 12: E.F. Auto 9. 9 auto turrets outside and 4 inside the tank.

Trap: E.F. Auto spike. Two auto turrets and can turn invisible.

Quad laser: E.F. Triple laser. 4 Laser cannons.

Triple vampire: E.F. Vampire. Vampire+Tri-angle.

Double black hole: E.F. Black Hole. Black hole+Flank guard.

Rocket launcher: E.F. Tank. Looks like a Heptagon with a Predator cannon. Can shoot 3 AI bullets that explode until disappear.

Drill: E.F. Digger. Digger+Landmine.

Tier 11 tanks lvl 150-164

Arena closer core: E.F. Arena Closer. Has 5 Arena closer cannons and 5 Overseer cannons that spawn 35 yellow Doritos.

Dominators: Don't evolve from any tank. Now they are level 150

Stats: 56K HP (60 on video) other stats are better than the level 75 Dominators.

Overseer dominator (not on the video): A new kind of Dominator! Has 2 Overseer cannons that can spawn 10 Doritos

Stats: the same of other three.

Tier 14 tanks lvl 195-209

Mothership: the new mothership it's a square with 8 overseer cannons that can spawn 40 War machine I drones.

Stats: 100K HP. Other stats are better than lvl140 Mothership

Boss tanks

Tier 5

Fallen Overlord and Booster are level 60

Fallen Necromancer level 60

Stats: Same of Fallen Overlord.

Tier 6

Guardian, Summoner and Defender are level 75

Tier 7

Kill machine level 90

It's a mix of Flank guard, Quintuplet, Blower and Ranger.

Stats: 4000 HP and 50,000 XP

Tier 9 lvl 120-134

The sun lvl 120

It's a yellow sphere with 10 Beamer cannons and a Machine gun+Beamer cannon with a two squares distance of the sphere.

Stats: 15K HP and 250K XP.

Tier 10 lvl 135-149

The core

It's an octagon that can control all kinds of shapes and 4 orbs, and it's the FIRST TIER 10 TANK!!!

Stats: 30K HP and 1M XP (OMFG!!! 2OP4DIEP.IO!!!)

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