The Spammer is a secret tank that upgrades from a normal tank at level 45 with some secret requirements.


The Spammer has circular base with a MASSIVE compound cannon; a small trapezoid facing inwards (Ranger) with two little rectangular barrels at the sides of it (Gunner); then, it has a large trapezoid facing outwards (Machine Gun) with two angled rectangular barrels on the sides (Penta Shot); finally, it has three overlapped rectangular barrels in front of it (Sprayer/Predator).


The Spammer increases ALL bullet stats (Dmg,Penetration,Spd and ROF) and Movement Speed, but decreases almost to 0 the Max Health (if the stats are rated like that). It fires little Gunner bullets very quickly, has a FOV from a Predator, fires as fast as a Machine Gun, shoots Penta Shot-like bullets to the sides, AND, it fires three Predator bullets. Fun, not?


As the Spammer

  • Gotta rekt'em all!
  • Avoid surprise attacks from the back; your Max Health is lame.
  • You can rekt every tier 4 tank in 1v1, so, go for them.

Against the Spammer

  • Get on your knees...
  • Lift your hands...
  • Pray for mercy.
  • OR, surprise it from the back, like with a Landmine.
  • Also, you can fight it in Team DM with all your team (he can slay you down 1 by 1 anyways).


  • This tank is NOT a plagiarism of Apentashot1274's Spammer Boss Tank.
  • Its the first tank EVER to have a pink BG.
  • It is said that, when upgraded to it, there's so much OPness in a single point that it causes a shockwave that damages everything on the map.
  • It's OP almost to the max. I don't care :).
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