The Splitter looks very similar to the gunner, except the two middle barrels act as one, and there is a line down the center of it.

Basic Info

This tank was inspired by ZathusTheMageV's Trio of Doom Boss Tank! The Splitter upgrades from the gunner. It has two gunner barrels that fire small bullets, and one larger one that fires stronger bullets. However, if you press Q, the splitter splits into two individual pieces, which will bounce off each other when first split. One is controlled with WASD, and the other is controlled with the arrow keys. Moving both pieces close together will make them turn back into one tank.

When split, both Splitters aim at the same location, and fire at the same time as well. Because the center gun is split as well, each part has two gunner cannons, but with slightly more power than the gunner. Pressing Q again will change the movement mode. The default is "Separate Movement", which is what is described above. The next is "Synchronized Movement", which controls both of the tanks at once. Finally, there is "Inverted Movement", which was suggested by GreenSamurai, which makes each part have its movement inverted, so if one goes up, the other goes down, and if one goes left, the other goes right. The Splitter can increase its FOV by a lot by sending its pieces farther apart, but there is a limit.

When split, both Splitters will have 70% of their original health (thx for telling me that Teamerz). If one half dies, the other's health bar has 1/2 of its HP taken away from it, and it has to regenerate to full. After getting past half of its full HP, a transparent outline of the other half will appear, gaining opacity. Once it reaches 60% HP, the other half is completely visible. When the Splitter rejoins, remember that math equations are used to prevent it from gaining extra HP.

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