The Sprinkler, alongside the Smasher, is a Level 30 Basic Tank upgrade. It upgrades into the Detonator or the Vaporizer at Level 45. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


The Sprinkler looks like a Quad Tank, except all of its barrels are slanted as they move outward.


  • The Sprinkler does not fire like any other tank.
  • When you left-click to fire, the tank becomes immobile, but a bullet hell spray of Gunner bullets is released in all directions as the tank spins incredibly fast for about a second.
    • The tank can only do this every 12 seconds divided by Reload. So you cant spam this bullet hell too often unless you decide to max Reload, and if you do, you can use it every 2 seconds or so.
      • 0 and 1 Point(s) in Reload = Attacks every 12 seconds.
      • 2 Points in Reload = Attack every 6 seconds.
      • 3 Points in Reload = Attack every 4 seconds.
      • 4 Points in Reload = Attack every 3 seconds.
      • 5 Points in Reload = Attack every 2.4 seconds.
      • 6 Points in Reload = Attack every 2 seconds.
      • 7 Points in Reload = Attack every 1.7 seconds.
      • As you can see, Reload gets less worth it to add on over-time. A solid five points should do.
    • The barrels location, and the bullet pattern have no correlation. The barrels are just there to explain why bullets are released at all. The same pattern is released no matter what.
    • This is your only way to attack. You cannot just fire bullets. Its a large sacrifice in Reload, but you get a BULLET HELL ATTACK.


  • IDK, its just cool.
  • I didn't even use a calculator to do the reload chart. I'm just smart. :3

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