The Starship appears similar to the tri-angle, but the back two barrels are like destroyer ones, and have the same recoil as them. The front one is normal. There are also three auto cannons, but two are on the front, and one is on the back, spaced sort of like an auto three, but different.

Basic Info

The Starship upgrades from the tri-angle at level 45, but goes at 0.75x the speed of most tanks. It has three auto cannons, but none of them can be controlled, unlike the auto three and auto five. The cannon on the front is as strong as the booster's, and the auto cannons are just like ordinary auto cannons. The two back cannons, however, are very different.

When upgrading to the Starship, a kill notification-like message appears at the top of the screen. It says "PRESS AND HOLD RIGHT CLICK to activate the warp drive."

The back cannons don't function like normal ones, but their ability gives the starship its name. If you press and hold right click, a notification at the top of the screen, similar to the kill notifications will appear. This notification will say "Warp Drive Activated". The back cannons will rapidly fire large bullets at a high rate of fire. Though they do little damage, they can still pack a punch due to their large numbers, and have immense recoil, propelling the Starship across the screen at more than twice the speed of a booster. A yellow bar near the top of the screen empties as the warp drive continues, and lasts for five seconds. It also takes 30 seconds to refill at zero reload, but 15 to refill at maxed reload. Body damage is decreased to about a fourth of what it is normally during warp, and up to three second after warp, to prevent starships from being overpowered.

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