The Summoner is a fanmade tank tier 4 upgrade from the Overseer and can be selected at level 45.


Summoner has 4 spawner which shoots out orange (FFA) / blue or red (Team Domination , Domination , Mothership) drones. It has the same appearance as the Necromancer's but with 4 spawners.



The Summoner's drone speed and health is the same as the Necromancer's. Just like the Necromancer, its drones are squares instead of triangles.


Summoner is a slow tank, Summoner has a greater reload rate of all tank in It can spawn 20 drones, it disappears because of the Summoner's drones health is decreasing slowly. The damage of its drones deals very weak damage, thats why high DPS tanks are good against the Summoner.


  • Strong against: Weaker tanks, tanks with low bullet damage or penetration, ramming tanks, focus fire DPS.
  • Weak against: High DPS, Destroyer/Hybrid, Overseer/Necromancer classes.

The bad thing about Summoner's is that you cannot control them, but if you do, it will be the best rammer, using its drones for blocking. Well, it should exist because it might be a bit unfair.

These drones will kill the player until it is killed to escape you need to escape far away enough.

Against the Summoner

Don't worry about dying, the drones of the Summoner deals very weak damage but it has insane reload. Probably tanks with High DPS, or any tank with high bullet damage, penetration and reload.


  • Most of this description were taken here .
  • The Summoner (Tank) has a similar appearance of the Summoner (Boss).
  • The size of the drones are smaller than the Necromancer's drones.

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