Survival Mode is a fanmade Gamemode. 7 players are allowed to join per game there will be 10 waves, you need to stay alive as the players has finished 10 waves. All players have 3 lives to survive.


Waiting Area

After joining the server, you will have to wait 7 players to join the waiting area to start the Survival Mode. The first one who joins the Waiting Area first is going to be the leader. If the server is full and your too late to join in you can just click the SPECTATOR button in the menu then watch the fight.


Spectators don't do much, but they watch the fight until the game ends. But if they are bored they can just leave the server by refreshing. There can be only 5 spectators watching.

Beginning of the Game

At the beginning of the game, each 7 players will choose any class they want with a max of 33 skill points. After that, press the READY button if you're ready to start the game.

End Game

After the 7 players have finished the 10 waves. The Arena Closers will kill all players then you will be kicked out in a different server.


All 7 players have to kill all A.I (bots) and expected to stay alive and each wave will only get harder and harder. But be careful you only have 3 lives, if they are down to 0 you are dead and will be kicked out from the server or you could be a spectator if you wanna watch.

Some bosses that can be rarely be found in the map:

  • Fallen Overlord
  • Fallen Booster



The map will be short, any player who goes to the big gray line will instantly die. Because that's where the enemies/bosses spawn.

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Edits History

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  • Added Map - 9/25/2016 - Koui Kui
    • Added a picture for the map.

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