The Sweeper is an odd tank that would provide a replacement for the rather underpowered Overtrapper as well as opening up other new class possibilities. It would upgrade from the Overseer (or my hyopthetical Swarmer and Trapper at level 45.


It would resemble a Manager, but with an odd looking turret on top. The turret would look like an Auto Turret (used by the Auto 5, Auto Gunner, etc.) but with a Launcher (trapper cannon) instead of a normal cannon.


It would essentially be an Manager, but with a Trapper Turret on top. The Trapper Turret would behave exactly like a Launcher but would be uncontrollable. It would just spin at a fixed rate and fire. It would create a circle of traps around a Seeker who stayed stationary for enough time. It would fire quickly but the traps would disappear as fast as a Tri-Trapper's. It can not turn invisible.


  • There's literally nothing interesting to put here except for the fact that there's nothing interesting to put here.

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