The Team Emperor is a tank exclusive to Fortress Mode. Much like the Mothership, it is attributed to the first four people to join the server, one for each team. They have a lot of power and responsibility.


A barrel-less tank that has a crown on top of it. The body itself is the color of the team its the emperor of. Is 5x larger than a normal tank, almost as large as a Mothership.


  • Is restricted to the team Castle, and cannot move outside of it.
  • Tanks near the Team Emperor of the same color recover health 25% faster.
  • Can buy Castle Defenses using Tankit.
  • Can temporarily boost every member of his team using Tankit.
  • The Team Emperor gets weapons and stuff if the enemy team decides they want to try and remove a team from the game by killing the Emperor.
  • When a Team Emperor dies, so does everyone of the same color.
  • If the Team Emperor's team is the one to fight the Archprophet, the Team Emperor becomes a player tank that is instantly Level 45. From there they can choose what they want to be.

Weapons Engaged

When all defenses have fallen, and an enemy team begins storming the Castle, the Team Emperor is warped to his Castle's End Room, where an epic battle will take place.

  • The Team Emperor gets double the health of a Mothership.
  • The Team Emperor gets four Overseer barrels on it back, and can have a maximum of 20 Drones.
  • Gets two sets of four Gunner barrels at an angle on its front.
  • One Destroyer barrel directly on its front.
  • And a whole bunch of regular barrels that fill in all space between the Gunner barrels and Destroyer barrel on both sides.

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