Current modes allow players to play on randomly assigned teams. This can be drastically improved with the addition of spectating and voting.


Players joining a game will become spectators and are randomly assigned a tank to follow. Spectators can join the game by pressing 'j' and will join the team of the tank they are following; so long as this team does not have more players than the other team.

Only one spectator at a time may follow a given tank. Other spectators will be able to see the name of that spectator, beneath the tank they are following.

Players may follow a different tank, by holding 'v' and clicking on a tank. If the tank a player is following gets destroyed, the two people will swap places. The spectator will begin as a tank with the associated experience and the retired player will become spectator for that tank.


A player in a tank may vote against another player in a tank on their team, at any time during the game. To do so, the player will simply hold 'v' and click on the tank. While a player is holding 'v', the number of votes against a tank will appear beneath it. A selection can be cleared, at any time, by holding 'v' and clicking the screen.

If 1/2 of the team has the same tank selected, at the same time, that player is removed from the field and becomes a spectator; they cannot spectate a tank on the team they were voted out of. If a player is voted out of both teams, or if there are no tanks available for them to spectate, they will leave the server.

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