This is just a page where I, TemporalFuzz, post things that would improve

I'll be covering both new tank ideas and edits to existing ones. Like my ideas? Don't like them at all? (The latter is more likely xD) Let me know!

BTW, most of my tank ideas use only existing features, not new, crazy stuff (though a new feature like that would be amazing). This should make them pretty easy to implement for the devs.

Change #1 - The Trapper Tree

Okay, this kind of needs to be addressed. It's kind of hilarious to play as this branch, I admit, but it's still insanely hard.

Auto Trapper

I think that the Auto Trapper should just be removed. On the other hand, the Trapper needs a buff. My idea is this: Remove the Auto Trapper, but give the Trapper an auto turret.

Mega/Tri Trapper

My idea for these is simple: give each of them an auto turret and/or buff their range a lot. These classes are basically useless in FFA, and one (or both) of these changes would help a lot.


It needs 4 drones. Period.

New Trapper? (The Seeker)

I've got an idea for a trapper that, I think, would be pretty good. It's basically a combination of the Battleship and the Trapper. It would have a Launcher in the front, and two Mini Spawners in the back. It would have slightly debuffed traps compared to the Trapper, along with slightly slower drones.

Another New Trapper? (The Sweeper)

I've got an idea for an entirely type of trapper that could bring endless possibilities to the trapper tree. It's just a spinning trapper cannon thing mounted on top of a tank, not unlike the Auto Turret. However, it would only spin and fire, no AI whatsoever. The first idea that I have for this is similar to the Overtrapper, but with one of these cannons and controllable drones. It would just look like an Overseer with this turret mounted on it. It could replace the Overtrapper.

Upgrade Tree

Basically, it's kind of annoying that, to get to Tri-and-Mega Trapper, you need to be first a sniper, then a trapper. Both of these classes are really difficult to survive as. A solution is to be a Tank until level 45, but this is often just as hard. I think that the Tri Trapper should also upgrade from the Auto 3, and the Mega Trapper should upgrade from the Destroyer. This would help a lot in getting to these classes efficiently.

Change #2 - Destroyer Upgrades

The bottom line is this: The destroyer needs another upgrade. Sure, the Hybrid's cool and all, but we need an actual choice. Not just one upgrade (the other level 30 tank with only one upgrade is the Hunter, I'll talk about that in the next section). I've come up with a few ideas:

The Robot

Okay, I know that I said that I wasn't going to include new crazy stuff somewhere in the overview, but I might have to bend that rule. The Robot would essentially have two auto cannons (in flank-guard formation, not twin). However, these would shoot much more powerful bullets than those of the Auto 5 or Auto 3. It would have much higher damage and penetration (compared to the Auto 5, not the destroyer) and would have slightly slower bullets and much lower reload (again, compared to the Auto 5). It would also upgrade from the Auto 3.

The Spewer

Basically, a destroyer with much faster reload (we're talking 3+ times as fast) and slightly faster bullet speed, but much lower movement speed (and lower recoil), along with about 1/3 damage and half penetration, paired with higher spread. It would look like a destroyer but with a very slightly trapezoidal barrel (like a machine gun barrel, but bigger). The exact numbers might need to be edited (it could be OP in gameplay).

Mega Trapper

See Change #1 - The Trapper Tree

Change #3 - Hunter Upgrades

The hunter, like the destroyer, only has one upgrade. This seems pointless, there should at least be a choice. Anyways, I've come up with a few ideas of my own to fill this gap:

The X Hunter (REBORN)

This is a pretty simple idea. It's basically the Predator, without it's sight ability, but with a fourth cannon to make up for it. The fourth cannon would be a step down from the Predator's smallest in terms of size and penetration. It would have slightly reduced reload (from the hunter), coupled with slightly reduced damage.

The Railgun

This would, basically, be a hunter with no less than 7 guns, with the largest bullet being as large as a destroyer bullet (but not as powerful) and the smallest being the size of a gunner bullet. Its firing cycle would be reversed, it would fire the largest bullet first. Also, the smallest bullet would have the lowest penetration but the highest damage, and the largest would have the highest penetration but the lowest damage. This would essentially require the player to use the larger bullets to pave the way for the smaller, more damaging ones. This would fire more slowly than a destroyer (but not by much).

Predator Edit

The Predator has a weird feature: When you move and you're using your ability, your FOV stays in the same place. There are two solutions that I've come up with. The first, and more likely, is to make your FOV move with the tank. The second is to have a secondary screen appear in the upper right corner of the main one whenever you can't see your tank. You could click on either the main screen or the secondary one to fire.

Change #4 - More Overseer Upgrades, and How to Add Them

What I mean by "How to Add Them", I mean physical constraints. Unless something changes, only 5 upgrade options can physically fit on the screen. I've got an idea for more drone upgrades.

The Swarmer

My idea is this: The sniper has 4 upgrades total, we can add a fifth. Why not make it another drone ship with a key difference? I've decided to call it the Swarmer. It would be similar to an overseer, but it would have three equally spaced Spawners. It would have a maximum of 12 drones, with equal reload. However, it would both have lower drone damage and lower drone speed.

The Overwhelmer

It's essentially a buffed swarmer. It has slightly lower drone damage and equal drone speed, but reload and penetration are buffed (compared to the swarmer). It has the highest drone count in the game (except for the Necromancer), with 16. It basically looks the same as the Swarmer, but rather than equally spaced, the drone spawners are in Tri-Angle configuration.

The Specialist

This is a rather weird tank. It looks almost exactly the same as the swarmer, with two key differences. First of all, the front Spawner is slightly longer and narrower than the other two. Second of all, the front Spawner is a light shade of gray, the one on the right (assuming the tank is facing upwards) is a medium shade, and the one on the left is a dark shade of gray. When the drones come out, they are shaded lighter or darker depending on which Spawner they came from. Its base stats are the same as those of the overseer. It can have 9 drones maximum, 3 from each Spawner. Any drone from the front Spawner is 1.5 times as fast as one that isn't. Any drone from the right Spawner has twice as much health as one that isn't. Any drone from the left spawner is twice as damaging as one that isn't. This, despite the extra Spawner, has reload equal to the overseer. Overall, it's an interesting summoner where the drones can be different.

The Wanderer

This is, again, a rather weird tank. Its layout looks like a quad tank, but with major differences. The cannon facing the mouse and the one opposite it are both Mini Spawners (battleship cannons). The other two cannons are replaced with normal Spawners. It can have six drones max (each with overseer stats but it has slower reload), and can control them. It can also spawn battleship drones with its two Mini Spawners.

The Sweeper

See Change #1 - The Trapper Tree

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