Nobody likes that one tank.

All of your upgrades will be decreased to zero when using this kit, and your special power is making other tanks go away from you because nobody will like you.

Weakness: Socialising

Strength: Not getting invited to parties

This tank is like the flank guard, except the gun on the front is extremely retarded and smells like piss. You are fast due to your lack of toilet paper which you keep trying to borrow off other tanks, but they probably won't give you any because they probably won't like you.

This tank has a HUGE backstory.

It was once from the land of until one day it flushed itself down the toilet when trying to get the extra rough toilet paper that it dropped inside it and then went through a portal to the land of Now always smells bad and it will forever look for toilet paper.

But nobody will probably give it to you because you smell bad and they wont like you.

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