The Beast is a very, very, VERY op tank.


The Beast is a circle with 3 barrels on the back. They shoots destroyer bullets. It also has 3 drone spawners. Drones can be controlled. It can have 10 drones. It has a Streamliner barrel. There are 2 barrels that fire stalker bullets to the back. It has 2 trapper and ranger barrels. It has a sprayer barrel and hunter barrels. It can tun invisible when still. It has 2 destroyer barrels. All front barrels give no recoil.


As The Beast

Just turn on auto-fire,

And turn on auto-spin,

Grab a snack,

And enjoy!

Or, you could play offensive.

Against The Beast

Run away,

Hope it doesn't follow you,

Pray to lose it,

Or die.

Or, be a ram Booster and charge at it's unprotected sides. Or just be another Beast.


  • #MostOpTankEvah
  • Almost Unkillable
  • It's Really, really, REALLY OP. I don't care :).
  • This is Not a copy of Pec110's Obliterator.
  • This is by, well, you should know.

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