The Blur is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 2x the stats of a Booster with max Movement Speed.


Looks exactly like a Booster, except its body is the same as a Mega Smasher. The tank also sometimes quickly fades and solidifies.


Confuse: Summons clones that last for 6 seconds. For 6 seconds the multiple Blurs quickly teleport around the room, leave blur marks in their wake, and gain 2x body damage.

Booster Ram: For 7 seconds, it acts like a normal player Booster (chasing around enemies using recoil), and gains 2x Body Damage.

Mega Attack: Summons two AI Mega Smashers next to it. It then activates Booster Ram. The Smashers participate in the ram, too. They last 7 seconds.

Juke Master: For 5 seconds, the Blur will juke any bullets that come its way. Another move can be active during this one.


  • High movement speed is needed to keep up with this tank.
  • Remember that whenever you see Mega Smashers summoned, you will be rammed.
    • However, always be alert, because The Blur can call Booster Ram even without Mega Attack.

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