The Bolt Master is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 3x the stats of a Destroyer with max Damage.


This design is one of the most unique I will probably make. It looks like a slightly larger Destroyer with a cloud-shaped body and a yellow lightning bolt in the middle.


Homing Storm: Fires 4 lines of 8 bullets each out of its corners. They are homing and move as one, but each bullet has to be destroyed by itself.

Bullet String: Fires a line of Destroyer bullets like Homing Storm.

Storm From Above: Disappears, then shows 3-6 targets. On each target an Alpha Pentagon, a normal bullet bullet string, or a Spurt Trap will appear. The Bolt Master then reappears.

Bullet of Extreme Death: See The Strike Master.


  • Kill bullet strings and Bullets of Extreme Death first.
  • You won't survive a hit without high health. A replacement for health is high speed.

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