The Bossatron

The  Bossatron is an AI-controlled tank that has a 1% chance to spawn in place of a regular boss. It has a large compound barrel similar to the Obliterator, with a large trapezoid for decoration. On top of this trapezoid, there are 2 pairs of 3 Gunner barrels on the sides, with a large Sprayer cannon in the middle, but on the Machine Gun part of the Sprayer Barrel, there are 4 Gunner barrels and on the other part of the Sprayer barrel, there is another cannon inside of that which shoots bullets as small as a Gunner does. Near the decorative trapezoid shape, there are 2 regular guns to an angle. Behind those, there are 2 Trapper barrels, with Streamliner guns inside them. Behind those, there are 4 Streamliner cannons with a Destroyer cannon in the middle. This Destroyer cannon is actually 4 Destroyer cannons overlapping each other, similar to a Streamliner. Beside the Destroyer cannon, there are 2 Gunner cannons.

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