The Burner is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 3x the stats of a Fighter with max Penetration.


The Burner has a Twin barrel on the back, which is actually two different barrels, and one barrel on the front with two more on either side next to it pointing slightly outwards. (Sorry for weird picture.)


Ring of Fire: Summons 6 Spurt Traps in a hexagonal shape around itself.

Triplet Storm: Summons two AI controlled Triplets next to it, that act normal and have half the health of a Triplet with normal stats.

Fighter Shape: Its 5 cannons arrange themselves in a Fighter formation. It then attacks a random player for 6.5 seconds before returning to normal.

Spurt Test: Attacks using all 5 of its cannons for 4 seconds. Any bullets that "fade out" naturally turn into Spurt Traps.


  • If you have time, try to destroy the Spurt Traps before they deal a lot of damage.
    • The AI Triplets can also deal a lot of damage.
      • But the most important is if The Burner is using Spurt Test, try to attack its bullets before they turn into Spurt Traps.

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