This is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 2 times the stats of a max Body Damage Mega Smasher.


It looks like an inverted, slightly larger Mega Smasher. (And by inverted I mean the shell replaces the body and the body replaces the shell.)


Power Smash: Disappears, then shows a target near a player 3 seconds later. Half a second after the target is shown, the Crusher appears on it.

Crushing Charge: Throws itself at a random player, then loops back to its original position.

Transform: Transforms into a slightly large Sniper for 5 seconds. Its stats turn into double a Sniper's.

Destructive Charge: Randomly throws itself around the room for 7 seconds. During this charge, Body Damage is doubled.


  • High health is needed for this battle, since its weakest attack, Transform, deals high damage!
  • During the Power Smash, stop moving and watch your tank for a target, or else you will probably end up dead.
  • During the charge attacks, be very alert and keep moving.

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