The Defeat Twin is a Boss Tank version of the Defeater made by RavenKing123. It has 2.5x of a max upgraded Defeater.


It looks like a large Defeater, with a slightly larger Twin with a Destroyer cannon on its back next to it.


Your Defeat: Moves its cannons into a Quad Tank formation, then spins around and fires for 3 seconds. It then pauses for 1 seconds, then repeats this cycle 2 more times.

Triplet Combine: Its Twin cannons merge together to make two backwards facing Triplet cannons. The Defeat Twin fires for 6 seconds.

The Destroy Twin: Summons the Destroy Twin (Makes the otherwise useless Twin-Destroyer and the main tank switch sizes.). Can now use Rapid Twin, Merge, Destroyer Spurt, or The Defeat Twin.

  • Rapid Twin: Rapidly fires from its twin cannon for 5 seconds.
  • Merge: The Defeat Twin section turns into its Triplet Combine form, then The Destroy Twin points to the top left, then The Defeat Twin crosses over on top of the former. They fire their cannons for 7 seconds.
  • Destroyer Spurt: Its normal Twin cannons each point to the sides. They fire like Streamer cannons, while the Destroyer cannon fires at random players.
  • The Defeat Twin: Goes back to normal form.


  • Since the two tanks share one health pool, deal damage to the smaller one.
  • Merge fires a Twin cannon, a Destroyer cannon, and 3 Triplet cannons. Stay back!
  • Now replaced with The Extinguisher.

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