The Hexagonest is an Assalut Mega Boss from Assault Mode .


The Hexagonest looks like a big orange hexagon with 8 orange hexagons around it.


  • Dash:the hexagonest becomes double faster and starts dashing into players , when it touches a player it becomes slow for 1 second , the dash ends after 10 seconds
  • Polygon Gun :the hexagonest become slow and starts to shoot like a machine gun polygons that runs faster to players , the polygon gun ends after 20 seconds
  • Bomber:from the hexagonest come out 4 big cannons ( like destroyer) and starts launching big bullets that explodes in 50 bullets 
  • Black Hole:the hexagonest becomes black and absorbs players like a black hole (weak players with low speed movment) 
  • Gunner Army : from the hexagonest come out 3 minigunners that will shoot to the players
  • Run: when the hexagonest life is 1\2 its speed will increase by 30%


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