The Healer is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 3x the stats of a Manager with max Health Regen.


It looks like a slightly larger Manager with a red cross in the center. (Sorry for weird picture.)


Medicinal Compounds: Summons an Alpha Pentagon. As long as it is alive, The Healer rapidly gains health.

Drone Attack: The Healer goes invisible and its drones attack random players.

Shield: See The Self-Medic.

Vampire: Drains health from random enemies until The Healer is at full health.


  • The Alpha Pentagon needs to be destroyed first.
  • This is kind of Trivia, but YOLO: The Medicinal Compounds is based off the "Lily the Pink" song.
  • Smashers aren't as useful here as during the Self-Medic battle.
  • Powerful Character in Super Smash Tanks.

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