The Judicator is one of the many Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank variation to the Annihilator. Created by ZathusTheMageV. The Judicator is way rarer than other Fortress Bosses, and as such, has his own BGM. In fact, there is a 5% chance he will REPLACE another Fortress Boss spawn, so he's not even supposed to be there. :P


The Judicator looks like an Annihilator. It has one giant lance set on a Ranger trapezoid sticking out of the back, and there is one Destroyer barrel sticking out of the Annihilator one like a Hunter. It is also slightly larger than a regular boss. Used have a different design.


Original Track: BGM:

My Themes:

Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks amongst all of them.


  • The Verdict: Will rapidly fire three Annihilator shots at a tank, only with its large barrel.
  • Final Jury: 50 Tears of Panzer will be released from all around its body, all of which will try to converge on one player. The Judicator will stare that one player down as well.
  • Strike One: Its back lance will grow in size, and he will swing in a 180 degree angle. Any tanks hit will suffer MASSIVE Body Damage. After the attack ends, the lance will shrink down to regular size.
  • Consequence Flag: One to three players will be marked with a red dot, and will be given random Debuffs over the course of eight seconds.
  • System of Law: Will do a sweep attack of multiple Annihilator and Destroyer bullets, as both of its barrels rapidly fire, almost in sync.
  • Anything You Say...: Barrels begin flashing purple quickly.
  • ...Can And Will Be Used Against You!: Will release forty traps, three Destroyer bullets, and thirty regular bullets all in a random spread from it's barrels. This attack is immediately used after 'Anything You Say...'
  • Order In The Court: The sound of a gavel smashing will play as The Judicator becomes Invincible. All players will become Paralyzed as drones begin swarming slowly in on them. This lasts 6 seconds.
  • Prosecution: Twelve Tears of Panzer will appear from around The Judicator's body, and surround a player from a distance. They will not close in; however. At once, the Tears of Panzer will begin releasing a random bullet hell pattern for 6 seconds, and if the player moves, the Tears of Panzer will move with them as to keep a perfect circle. Once the bullet hell ends, they all charge at the closest players.

Death Animation

The Judicator, when brought down to 300 health or lower, will go Invincible, and nod back and forth by moving his front barrel side to side. He will then escape in a cloud of white smoke with one final powerful Annihilator shot at the closest player. He escapes.


  • A Judicator is someone who is authorized to judge, evidently.
  • I stuck to the theme quite well.
  • The attacks 'Strike One' and 'Consequence Flag' are references to the rule enforcement system on Wikia.
  • The eldest son of Panzer, and the one with the most granted power. He acts as the final word and highest authority within the Cult of Panzer, even more so than the Archprophet. He is one of the few cultured and human-like (in personality) Sons of Panzer. A lot of them are animalistic in nature, like The Pentagun or The Wolf. He stands with the most reason.
  • I gave him the Phoenix Wright theme "Cornered", for obvious reasons.
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