The Pentagod is a MASSIVE pentagon Tank.


Apentashot: That stupid OPliterator is getting all the credit! I will create an extra-powerful tank to beat it! Let's get out my magic wand!

0.00000000000000000000001 seconds later...

Apentashot:Behold the Pentagod! Infused with the power of the Pentagon Nest, This spider-and bubble smoothie powered behemoth will kill them all!!!

20 Minutes Later...

Apentashot: NOOO!! The ARWD is unleashed! Better make this more OP!!

The Pentagod looks like a massive pentagon that has 4 arms made of pentagons and Alpha Pentagons on the end. On it's main pentagon body, there are 2 eyes made of black and red pentagons. It is now playable.


Pentathrow: Fires an Alpha Pentagon out at your cursor at a high speed that disappears after 3 seconds. Key:Q

Crush: Flings it's arms at 4 tiles with an area of effect of 7x7 tiles, and spawns 3 pentagons on the target.. Key:R

Pentasmash: All of its arms follow your cursor and smash on left click. Each smash has the same effect as Crush. Key:T

Pentaprison: Surrounds 2 enemies in pentagons. Key:Y

Deploy: Fires out 3 Triangle Bosses. These will try to ram players. You can control them. Key:U. Each one has special attacks that are listed below. They happen randomly.

Army: All of the Pink Guardians converge on a single enemy.

Duplicate: Each Triangle Boss duplicates itself.

Obliterate: Summons Pink Guardians that are big for 10 seconds.

Spread: A huge ring of Pink Guardians flies out.

End of Triangle Boss attacks.

Pentathlon: Uses all Pentagod attacks above at the same time. Used randomly.

Ultimate Destruction: Fires 30 Alpha Pentagons out from the arms. Used randomly.

Destroy: An Alpha Pentagon appears on your cursor. Key:I

Ring Of Destruction: Creates a ring of unmovable Alpha Pentagons around your cursor. Key:O


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