The Pentagun is one of the many Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank variation of the Penta Shot. Created by ZathusTheMageV. Art by Graviatar.


The Pentagun looks like a larger, red, Penta, except all of its barrels are longer and wider. On its back are three Lancer spikes, spaced slightly apart.


Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.


  • Storm: Will fire bullets rapidly at players like a player controlled Penta would.
  • Ricochet Storm: The Pentagun will flash white every few seconds while this is in effect. All bullets fired will bounce off the walls, and only stack up as time goes on. Once the Pentagun stops flashing, the bullets disappear.
  • Charge: Will use its gun's recoil to charge at players with its spikes, doing a significant amount of Body Damage.
  • Five Blast: Four shots of five bullets side by side will launch from the barrels.
  • Shrapnel: Will release five large bullets really quickly that slowly come to stop, release shockwaves of their own bullets, then proceed to move once more.

Death Animation

The Pentagun will freeze in place and look around rapidly in panic. Following this, he will begin to have white beams of light emit from all around his body as white cracks begin forming. The body will then split into pieces according to the tracks, as the screen becomes white and then fades black to normal as The Pentagun crumbles into dust.


  • Generally likes to stay away from players EXCEPT during its Charge attack.
  • Is just sort of the standard boss, with not too many defining qualities. Also the simplest Son of Panzer.
  • Was the first of Zathus' Boss Tanks ever conceived on the original Fan Ideas Page back on Wikia.
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