When a game starts, 25 of the first 100 people will start out as an Infected. From then on, you will start on the default team. In this gamemode, you cannot damage a tank until it is past level 15.

The Cured

This is the team you start out as. Be careful, there are infected tanks everywhere. This team allows you to upgrade. Beware of the infected team's green bullets, which will disable your health regeneration.

The Survivors

Once hit by an infected bullet, your health bar will become red. You now need to kill another player to once again enable your health regeneration. Trying to kill an Infected is not recommended as they have unlimited health. If you are a Cured, teaming is very risky as you cannot see health bars, so you have to be aware of your friends and your foes.

The Infected

You can only become an Infected when you die (no matter who kills you). You cannot upgrade your new green tank, but your infected bullets might be good enough to get a level 45 tank killed. You have extremely slow reload and movement speed, no body damage and unlimited health (although arena closers can damage you). If the tank that you infected dies, you become a cured and go straight to level 30.

Hope you liked the idea, let me know if you have any questions!

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