In the protagonist gamemode, all players spawn inside a Castle, and are given 5 minutes to prepare for The Protagonist invasion. After the 5 minutes are done a massive health bar will appear at the right of the screen, and another at the left of the screen. On the right will be The Protagonist's health bar and on the left will be The Antagonist's health bar.

The Fight

To the right of the map will appear The Protagonist (see it's below) which will slowly charge towards the Castle (see below) to take on The Antagonist (see below). The main role of the players is mainly to restrain the enemy from entering the castle, and afterwards to defend their boss. In this map there is no pentagon nest but instead a triangle nest, where 5 red triangles are spawned per second.

The Defenses

To help the players accomplish this difficult task, they can buy defences and/or upgrades to make life easier. The defence/upgrade list is as follow:

  1. Turret. At the cost of 3000 points the player can buy a turret which will be placed to their left and wont move.
  2. Mech. For 9000 points, a player can buy an AI bot equipped with the Twin upgrade to help fighting.
  3. Defence Wall. For 5000 points the player can buy a long light grey rectangle with 2K hp to slow down the charge of the enemy boss.
  4. Alpha Pentagun. For 16000 points the player can buy a double sized penta shot, which they can hop into and control.

The Stats

Every of the things mentioned up there have stats. Let's see those.

  • Turret. Is a sniper with 5 points in all stats and 500 HP. Turrets are grey shaped snipers with three blocks sticking out a bit from the hull. They cannot move and have the normal size of a sniper.
  • Mech. Has 1.2K health, and max stats in everything.
  • Defence Wall. They are light-grey colored, and have a length of 1.5 a mothership's, but only as thick as 1.5 of a pentagon. They have 2K hp, but cannot move or shoot, and does not suffer from bullet knockback. Defence walls are placed 40 units away in the direction of where the protagonist is actually going.
  • Alpha Pentagun. Has 10 points in EVERY stats, but can only move as fast as a tri-angle going backwards. Its color is light blue and the barrels dark grey. If it is destroyed while a player is inside, they are dealt 160 damage.
  • Castle. It is a structure with invincible walls that cover an area of about 2x the domination spawn base, and has an entrance able to let enter 2 motherships at once. The entrance is guarded by two "Omega Turrets", which will shoot any NPC spawned by the protagonist, and will shoot the protagonist himself if he gets too close. The Antagonist spawns in the middle of it at the start of the server, and stays there idle waiting for the enemy.
  • Omega Turret. An octagon-shaped turret the size of twice a destroyer's. It is white-colored, and has a barrel similar to the arena closer's one. They cannot move. Their bullet speed is equal to a sniper with max bullet speed. Their reload speed is the same as dominator turrets. Their damage is 100, and have 4 bullet penetration. Their bullet size is 2x2. Health is 3K.

The Antagonist

The Antagonist has 50 thousands of hp, 300 regen every 30 secs, speed is x1.4 of mothership's. It is blue-colored like the normal tanks, and its base is an Alpha Pentagon (x1.8 as big as mothership) with 2 pentagons of 1/3 size of an alpha pentagon's on 4 tops, and a last pentagon 1/2 size of an alpha pentagon's at the end of each chain. Also has one where the "head" would be considered to be (where the pentagon points).

It has 2 attacks.

  1. Pentagon Fist. Moves one of the chain of pentagons towards the enemy if close enough, dealing 2K damage.
  2. Penta-Throw. The 1/2 sized pentagons shoot 5 pentagons which quickly moves to the enemy's location, dealing 180 damage per pentagon. For a total of 3.6K damage.

Note: each of the the pentagon's health match with its size.

The chains of pentagons and head will not collide with moving objects, so only the torso will be harmed.

The chains of pentagons have 500 regen per sec.

The Protagonist

The Protagonist has 63 thousands of hp, and has a base heal of 1 per 10 secs. Has double the speed of a mothership's. He also spawns to the opposite side of the Antagonist and the Castle. (That means complete Right) It's color is bright red, is twice as big as a mothership, It is shaped as a giant triangle. it has 4 barrels that each takes 15% of the edge's surface each. Each bullets it shoots deals 50 damage, and has 3 penetration. Takes 4 seconds for it to fire.

It has 3 attacks, spare the auto fire.

  1. Ram. Turns sides so the barrels fire in the opposite direction hes heading, giving it 20 tiles knockback (lasts 4 seconds). After those he will turn back to normal.
  2. Enhance. For each 30 seconds he is alive, he will unleash a shockwave which will spawn 20 crashers around him and boost his damage by 10 until he dies. (Every 60 seconds also gives him 1 penetration point.)
  3. Reinforcement. Spawns 7 destroyers which have max health, body damage, bullet damage, reload, penetration and movement speed upgrades. They will aim at Defence Walls, Turrets, Omega Turrets, The Antagonist, Mechs and Alpha Pentaguns only.

After the fight

If the protagonist is killed

A message will appear on top of the screen, saying that the players successfully eliminated the boss. After so the antagonist will return to his original location and stay idle. The next message will appear saying "You have two minutes until the arena is being closed". Even though the players have no chances against the closers, it gives them a final rush. The Antagonist himself will only retaliate with body damage against the arena closers, yet with max health he can survive quite a few seconds. He will be the first one targeted when they appear. However the AIs bought from players will not retaliate and will remain undamaged from them.

The best thing players can do is buy defence walls (which will appear in front of themselves since the boss is dead) and hop into an alpha pentagun, as the arena closers will have to get past the walls and the armor will make you survive more hits. However even with all these upgrades, everyone will be dead no matter what.

If the antagonist is killed

A message will appear in the middle of the screen, noticing that the players have FAILED to defend their boss. The protagonist will be fully healed and have its move speed upgraded to that of an arena closer's, aswell as becoming yellow, He will also constantly use Ram attack and Enhance every seconds, aswell as using reinforcement three times per 5 seconds. If after 30 seconds the players are not killed, arena closers spawn in and wipe out everything.

What if both are killed

If the two bosses die at once (which is nearly impossible), the game glitches and does nothing for 20 minutes. If not all the players left after said time, masses of arena closers will appear.


Thanks and credits to Adasba for the antagonist's art.

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