The Self-Medic is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has double the stats of a Triplet with max Health Regen.


This tank looks like a slightly larger Triplet, with a red cross in the middle.


Revive: The Self-Medic doubles its health bar.

Dart Storm: Rapidly fires bullets at a random target for 5 seconds.

Shield: Creates a shield of orbiting, spinning Blue Pentagons around itself.

Recovery: The Self-Medic flashes gold and is invincible for 7 seconds.


  • Since the Self-Medic has insanely high Health Regen, high damage or high reload tanks are recommended.
  • The Self-Medic is at its weakest during Dart Storm.
  • Smashers are great to attack, since it deals damage the fastest and isn't bothered by the Shield attack.

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