The Soldier is one of the many Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Auto-Gunner. Created by ZathusTheMageV. Art by StreamlinerTeam.


The Soldier looks like a Gunner with six barrels, three for each grouping instead of two. On top it is a double sided Auto Turret (one barrel on the front, one on the back). On top of the Auto Turret is a flashing red siren. A line of tiny gray squares go over the Soldier's body and wrap around the remaining part of its back, representing a bandolier of bullets. Those trying to design this, just Google what a bandolier is so that you can get an idea of what I mean. :/


Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks amongst all of them.


  • Spread Wave: Will sweep left to right firing bullet waves at the closest player.
  • Spinning Turret: Will move to the center of the Fortress, become Invulnerable, and both barrels on his Auto Turret will start firing spiral lasers of bullets INCREDIBLY fast. You need to move with them (but they spin fast, so get far away and weave through, or get super close to the boss itself and orbit around it).
  • Missile Strike: A bunch of areas on the map will get a red target. Seconds later, 16 bullets will fire out in a ring from that area. (It will flash red until this occurs).
  • Sentry: Will set up a Defensive Turret INSIDE the base. It will drop off beneath The Soldier, and when he moves, the sentry will be visible. Read the Defensive Turrets page to see what one is. This sentry cannot be destroyed, and lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Focus Down: Will aim at a player (constantly looking at them even as they move). Then, it will begin firing bullets at that player for 8 seconds as the fire rate exponentially gets faster, making it harder and harder to dodge as time moves on.

Death Animation

The Soldier stops moving, and stays still for three seconds. Then, his siren goes into overdrive, flashing faster and faster as his Auto Turret's barrel extends out to one side, with one side lengthening the other. He then gives a "salute," and explodes brilliantly into a pile of dust.


  • Many of The Soldier's moves are related to war tactics, like an air strike or setting up a machine gun turret. Barbed wire walls could have been a thing here too, but that's why we have Trappers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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