The Spread Shot is a Boss Tank version of the Spreader made by RavenKing123.


It looks like a slightly larger, slightly more focused Spreader with 3 shields on its back and sides. (The shields halve incoming damage.)


Spread the Word: The shields turn into Penta Shot cannons. The Spread Shot spins around, rapidly firing bullets for 6 seconds before going back to normal.

Spreader Spread: The front cannon turns into a normal Spreader cannon. It fires this way for 5.5 seconds.

Shield Block: The shields break off and move on their own, blocking the highest damage, untaken bullets for 7 seconds. The Spread Shot stays, and every second, shoots one volley of bullets out of its barrels.


  • Trivia: This is not based off the Spread Shot at all (despite them having similar names), but actually the Spreader.
  • A Destroyer with high bullet damage or a ton of high reload tanks are needed, since the Shields block everything, and the Destroyer can distract at least one.
  • Move away from its front cannon during Spread the Word.
  • Now replaced with The Distributor.

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