The Storyteller is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has 3 times the stats of a max reload Overlord.


It looks like a slightly larger Overlord with 4 spikes in the corners of the body.


Entrance: A red square flashes around the tank. Any opposing tanks inside the area can't fire or move for 6 seconds.

Drone Commander: Half of its drones (The drones are spawned naturally, since the tank is basically an Overlord.) burst out in a ring, while the other half attack random players for 6 seconds.

Lancing Charge: The summoning cannons retract in and the spikes grow larger. It then starts spinning and attacking random players for 7 seconds. During this time, the Body Damage mechanics are like Zathus's Lancer, and body damage is doubled. At the end, it returns to normal form.

Drone Dispatcher: The same as Drone Commander, except all drones attack random players.


  • Long range is needed, so you don't get frozen with Entrance.
  • During the Lancing Charge, remember that the drones still fly with the Storyteller.

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