The Strike Master is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has double the stats of a Destroyer with full Bullet Damage.


The Strike Master looks like a slightly larger Triplet - with Destroyer cannons.


Jump-Strike: Disappears into the air for 3 seconds, then lands back down, firing a ring of 16 Destroyer bullets out from the impact zone.

Triple Trouble: Fires out 3 Destroyer bullets from its cannons. When they would have "died", they each split into 3 normal bullets.

Ring of Terror: Switches the cannons into a Tri-Trapper-like formation. It then spins around in place rapidly shooting slow Destroyer bullets for 5 seconds. Once done, cannons go back to normal.

Bullet of Extreme Death: It's the same as The Titanium God's Bullet of Extreme Destruction, except it is harmed by dealing damage, and it has twice the damage of the latter.


  • Either high health or high movement speed is required to not die from the high damage.
  • This is one of the harder boss fights, so Level 60 Tanks are definitely needed.
  • The Shielder and the Spreader are good for defeating the bullets.

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