The Sun Lord is a Boss Tank made by RavenKing123. It has triple the stats of a Stalker. It can also go completely invisible.


It looks like a slightly larger Stalker with a Manager cannon on the back. (Sorry for weird picture.)


Summon Sun: Sacrifices 1/9 of its current health to summon a giant sun. The sun fires yellow low-damage lasers at anything that gets close. The sun takes damage from firing, and has 1x the health of an Alpha Pentagon. Only one sun can be active at a time.

Invisible Shots: The same as The Laser Hunter's Hide.

Drone Attack: Drones attack random players.

Create Shadow: Goes in front of the sun (if it is active) and propels a shadowy line out from the tank for 8 seconds. Any tanks caught in this line are dealt high damage rapidly.


  • It is worth it to go near the sun if you have high health.
  • Try to destroy the sun before The Sun Lord can Create Shadow.

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