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In times so lost, our warning heed.

A struggle for power, to sate their greed.

Pick a side or drown your pleads.

Who will live to see the dark one freed?

Because in a time of darkness and hate,

swords must swing and blood must bleed.


The Tale of Diep is a fan-made conception expansion to the game created by ZathusTheMageV. The Tale of Diep includes hundreds of new achievements, complex AI patterns including bosses with attack pools they can choose from, an interactive story with unique characters such as the nefarious Archprophet, tons of new tanks, and multiple new Enemies and Event Gamemodes to slaughter and conquer your way through. And while sometimes tanks fight against each other, all must stand together to bring down the Cult of Panzer, and prevent the freeing of Panzer.

Is currently under construction as a playable experience by its creator.


Curtain Of Steel

The three main villains of the Tale of Diep. The Archprophet, the big bad in front. Dr. Lacus, the head scientist of the Cult to the left. And Belisarius, the head of the Archprophet's personal guard to the right.

It is deep now into The Middle Era, defined from the rest by a lack of the great creator of the realm, Panzer, having been sealed away by the tanks at the end of The Old Era for what he did to them. Near its dawn, the world was fire, and tanks were left to hide in caverns and construct labyrinths to hide from the uninhabitable Realm outside. And near this time's end, the Archprophet as we know him today, founded the doctrine of the Cult of Panzer, created to free the god of the realm from the chains of the sub-realm tanks locked him in.

The fire cleared, the world was to be explored once more. And instantly the two factions, the old Tank Empire and the Cult of Panzer fought. Heading his operations in the Tower of Gladii, the focal point of the world where Panzer once oversaw everything, the Archprophet now commands millions in his ranks against the nearly endless and indestructible Tank Empire, who even in small numbers can hold out like cockroaches. Whose side will you be on as you battle your way through this time of darkness and hate, and will you live to see the dark one freed?

That is to be found out as you explore the Realm and dive deeper and deeper into this symbolic story where it just goes to show what can be learned... from a bunch of shapes. What lessons will you take in, and what morals will you draw from this epic narrative of conflicting ideals and the foundations of religion?


  • Hundreds of new Achievements to earn!
  • 80+ new bosses to overcome and take down with friends!
  • Battle your way through mighty Fortresses and take out the Sons of Panzer!
  • Learn the new meaning of pain by inflicting and receiving potent status effects!
  • Play the tens of new tanks and branches added, including the expansive Lancer branch, and more!
  • Over 100 new enemies to slay and catalog in a new Bestiary feature.
  • Keep up to date on discovered information in the Tank Database!
  • Collect elusive Panzer Tokens, to progress and unlock new gamemodes and more!
  • Find, save, and bring to battle 20+ collectible Companions!
  • A unique and powerful upgrade tree, both temporary and permanent.
  • Create a profile and make friends with fellow players you meet throughout The Realm!
  • A brand new chat function for players to communicate both in-game and out!
  • Annoy and attempt to bring down the nefarious Archprophet and his Cult of Panzer!
  • And so... much... more!

cue even more epic music as the logo rises on screen


(Thats probably all gonna be in a trailer/preview if I make one with gameplay footage behind it, ha ha)



  • The game will start by being played as normal. Players have access to all content not listed below, as that is all unlocked later.
  • Upon getting 20 Achievements exclusive to the Tale of Diep (probably from Sons of Panzer or other simple mechanics), players can begin collecting Panzer Tokens.
  • Once a player gets their first Panzer Token, they have access to the Panzergram and Boss Frenzy.
  • The next time Fortress Mode appears after a player has done 50 successful rounds of Boss Frenzy, they will have access to that game mode forever.
  • Once Fortress Mode has been completed 12 times by a player, with their team being the ones to kill the Archpuppet, The Archprophet's Vault game mode unlocks for them permanently.
  • Then a huge gap forms, as to get Mad Science to appear, players who already have access to the Tower of Gladii must be in the process of trying to reach it through the completion of the Seven Steps of the Sanctum. Players must have at least 60 Tale of Diep Achievements and have conquered Nostradamus at least six times.
  • Next, after Mad Science has been done, players can access both Shadow of the Gladiator and Polygon Playground, the latter of which unlocks the Companions features, and both must be done at least ten times before access to the Seven Steps of the Sanctum, and therefore, the Tower of Gladii.
  • Tower of Gladii is where it ends for those who give up, but every few months, the Archprophet will begin the 'Month of Panzer' (different from the conception wiki version that happened here), where there are daily log on rewards, new content, hightened spawns of things, etc. etc. and at the end of it all, a three-day period where players can enter The Void.
  • Boss Frenzier fits somewhere between here and The Void, and can only be done during said Month of Panzer event by players who have conquered Tower of Gladii.
  • The Void is the true end of the story, but its completion unlocks the Endless Defense gamemode for those who beat the Avatar of Panzer at least once. That one is just for fun though, and acts as a wave-based endless mode where thousands of players can fight ludicrous combinations of enemies and bosses together on top of the world.


  • Is becoming an actual game in progress of construction by the story's creator, ZathusTheMageV.
  • Will have a trailer eventually, once I make enough actual gameplay to where I can use it behind some epic music and the phrases described in the 'Content' section.
    • Though the project won't really take off for quite a while.
  • First truly fleshed out story on the wiki, unless I am mistaken.
  • Archprophet coincidentally started this all. One random day I decided I needed a final boss a fateful day in August, and BAM!, I just happened to type in Archprophet as the page name and work from there. And ever since, I have been planning the events of the story.
    • With this event came the creation of Panzer and the change of name for the original 'Boss Tanks' to 'Sons of Panzer'. Mwa ha ha!
    • Of course, little did I know at the time the Archprophet was not going to be the final boss. Oh no no...
  • The themes and morals that are meant to be taken from this story are massive and important, but no one has tried to look... ha ha ha...
  • Has a very 'Binding of Isaac'-like progression system, where new content is unlocked by beating your current final boss/game mode enough times to unlock the next.

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