The Titanium God is a boss tank made by RavenKing123. It has 2x the stats of a Destroyer with full Bullet Penetration.


The Titanium God looks like a slightly larger Destroyer with a silver body, unlike other regular blue Boss Tanks. It also shoots silver titanium bullets.


Titanium Walls: Summons silver walls on all sides of him. These walls take 5 hits from a max Bullet Damage Destroyer. They don't stack, and he can fire through them.

Destroyer Storm: Acts like a normal Destroyer (firing at enemies) for 10 seconds.

Titanium Shell: Turns invincible for 4 seconds.

Bullet of Extreme Destruction: Fires a huge, insanely slow bullet. It can bounce off walls, and has the same amount of health as the boss. It only takes damage from bullets. Only one of these can be active at the same time.


  • High damage bullets are key to destroy the Titanium Walls and the Bullet of Extreme Destruction.
  • Although the Titanium God has high penetration, 2 of its attacks are defensive. Don't be fooled!

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