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The Viper is a Realm Boss searching the land for a suitable place for its nest...


One of the queens of the Viper Brood, the Viper has searched the land for its new nest. Depending on the actions of the server, the Viper will attempt to take over your server and create its deadly nest.


The Viper is a large green viper with large scales.


The Viper has a 0.1% chance to spawn if a Pentagon is killed in the Pentagon Nest, a 1% chance to spawn if an Alpha Pentagon is killed, and a 5% chance to spawn if the Guardian is killed.



When the Viper spawns, she slithers out from under the ground, as if she had burrowed underground, and the word "Tsahhhh!" are displayed at the top of the screen, as well as a spawning message. The Viper has 10,000 health, and smaller vipers spawn frequently around her. They have the health of a Pentagon and attack with body damage, having a 20% chance to poison you, taking a decent amount of damage every second.

  • The Brood: The Viper slithers forwards, and then rears her head, revealing a group of 5 smaller vipers under her neck, which each have a 60% chance to poison.
  • Bite: Lunges forwards, biting down on a player, and dealing high damage. That player moves at 50% speed for 1 second.
  • Poison Spittle: Spits forwards a bunch of small poison spots which poison players that it touches.
  • Coil: A hissing sound is played as the Viper encircles a small area with players inside. It then constricts dealing high damage repeatedly for a few seconds. At this time, it takes 2x damage.
  • Dragon Strike: Burrows underground for a few seconds, then lunges upwards, dealing damage to all players above it and summoning two buffed vipers.

During the battle, a 5 minute timer is displayed. If the Viper isn't defeated in 5 minutes the Victory path is taken, otherwise the Defeat path is taken.

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