Notice: This page is WIP. I will finish writing all the info about the boss later, since there is a lot to type ;)

The heart is a master boss in It does not spawn, and cannot be defeated. The only way to find it is to access a easter egg with the boarder.


The boss appears to look like a diamond, with a total of 7 cannons. 2 cannons on both bottom sides and are like the Hybrid's barrels, except they are a lot wider. It has 2 more cannons, 1 on each of the top edges of its diamond-like body. The top has only 1 cannon and it will spawn Motherships and Dominators, from time to time. This boss represents a 'Factory' , Producing bosses and other AI-controlled tanks for the regular game. This boss can only be found in FFA

Boss fight


The Boss fight will begin when one of the players starts shooting the edge of the map. It has a total of 20'000 HP per spot(This is so that you have to shoot at one spot in the map). Once the wall has been "Killed" The arena will close. From then till the end of the boss fight, players can not shoot each other. On the minimap, an arrow will appear pointing towards the spot of the crack. All players have 30 seconds to get in the crack before it heals back and the arena closer kill everyone(that hasn't gotten into the crack yet)

The path

Once the players have managed to get into the cracked edge, also know as The path, they will enter a new map. It will be really long and really narrow. It has no polygons and is infested with Path blockers, Guardian-like tanks that are red-colored and are a lot weaker then regular guardians. Once the players make it trough the path, they will reach the Main boss room.

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