The thruster is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Machine Gun at level 45, and from the Triple Shot.


The Thruster features a circular base with three large trapezoids in front of it.


The Thruster fires like a Machine Gun in three different directions, doing a massive recoil. The Bullet Penetration and (Bullet) Speed is highly lowered, making a cloud behind it, very useful when escaping a combat. The Bullet Damage and Reload are massively high, making a bullet cloud. It improves the Triple Shot's attack style, because it only fired one straight bullet and the last two were shot to nowhere; the Thruster, however, fires several bullets to the front, and, because of the low Bullet Speed and Penetration, the other two cannons' bullets are somehow fusioned with the center one's fire.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies, especially in groups; slow tanks; low Health, and ROF tanks
  • Weak Against: Really high Bullet Penetration tanks; high Body Damage rammers; surprising tank, like Landmines

As the Thruster

The Thruster, as it name says, has a brutal recoil, and its bullets leave a cloud, making players don't get close to you, use this to distract them and attack from another angle. Avoid at all costs Destroyer-like tanks, either rammer or with a high Bullet Penetration, because they can get easily through your bullet cloud and catch you.

Also, you can solve this issue by leveling up your Body Damage, so you can turn into another rammer!

Against the Thruster

Preferably use rammer tanks and, if possible, bullet spammers like it with a high Bullet Penetration; you can destroy a good part of its bullet cloud and hit it. If you can, attack it from the back, because he has nothing to defend itself there. If nothing of this works, just predict where he will escape.

OR, just use an invisible tank and slay it down!


  • Apart from the Smasher, the Thruster is the only tank with a Dark Blue Background.
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