The tiny dot is what it's name says it is, which upgrades from the dot at level... -30? Is that even possible?

The Tiny Dot


Such a tiny dot, that it is TWICE AS SMALL as a gunner's bullet. Thaaaat's about it.


You have the ability of becoming invisible after 0.5 second of not moving. Your stats bar are deleted, and because of your extremely small nature, your FoV is decreased by 40%, however to compensate you are also lightweight and can move 3x as fast as a booster :). Health regen is removed.


As the tiny dot

Don't upgrade to the tiny dot.

Against the tiny dot

You cannot prevent it from attaining you....

Spare if you shoot a single bullet.


Smallest tank.

Second tank acquired at negative level.

Instantly heal enemies/kill allies on touch.

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