Okay, there's a major problem in One of the class trees with the most potential has almost no combat strength. Trappers need an upgrade - a big one. I've got two ideas - one drastic, one not as much, that would help strengthen this tree.

First Solution - Tree-vamp

Okay, here are a few ideas that, when combined, would be great for the trapper tree.

Auto Trapper and Trapper

Okay, the Auto Trapper is terrible. Terrible. Anyone who has used this class knows what I'm talking about. Here's my idea: Entirely remove it, but give the trapper an auto cannon. This would both give the Trapper some combat potential and eliminate an almost completely useless class. I mean, come on, it even sucks where trappers are best - team modes.

Other Trappers

Okay, I've got some ideas for these:

  • Give the Tri Trapper and the Mega Trapper an auto cannon. Neither has any real combat potential, and this would help them a lot. It also wouldn't make them op in the team modes, because it's a fairly small buff.
  • Make the Gunner-Trapper have higher penetration. Simple as that.
  • Give the Overtrapper four drones. It really needs a buff. Not to mention, it has two drone spawners. Why do you need two drone Spawners for a grand total of two drones??? Another buff would be to replace the trap Launcher with a drone Spawner and the drone Spawners with trap Launchers.
  • Make the Mega Trapper upgrade from the destroyer and the Tri Trapper from the Auto 3.
  • If the Auto Trapper isn't removed, make it upgrade from the Auto 3, and replace the Auto Cannon on top with three surrounding, each with a 120 degree FOV so only one can fire at anything at a time.

Second Solution - Change everything

Okay, this solution will be kind of insane. The main change is this: Lower every trapper's tier by one. That's right - the Trapper upgrades from the Tank at level 15, and everything else comes at level 30.

Are you insane???

I thought you might ask that - the answer is yes, but not seriously :D

Current Tanks Involved in This

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