The Toxic is a rather nasty tank that uses a custom-made shell filled with a sticky, toxic substance. Like its predecessor, the Recovery. Toxic is designed to aid allied tanks rather than just fight by itself however the Toxic takes a more direct approach to assisting.


The Toxic has a rather typical round shape however the back half of is seemingly transparent and filled with a team/tank coloured fluid inside. The singular, frontal barrel itself is slightly longer and wider than that of the Basic Tank.


The Toxic fires like the Basic Tank however with the following modifiers:

  • -50% Reload.
  • +75% Shot Speed and Pierce.

On impact the shell will burst and coat the victim in a glue-like substance coloured the same as the team or tank of the one that fired it. This lasts for 4 seconds and induces the following:

  • -25% Reload.
  • -40% Movement Speed.
  • -75% Regeneration.
  • Deals 30% of the shell's damage every second (80% if in a non-team oriented gamemode).
  • If the tank afflicted by this is destroyed by a player that isn't the tank that afflicted them with this effect, the player that gave this effect will also be granted 50% of the XP and 25% of the points.

These effects don't stack.


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