The Tracker looks like a Manager, but it also has a normal cannon.


Enhanced Field of Vision

Just like the Sniper, the class it upgrades from, the Tracker has a slightly larger field of vision than other tanks.

Normal Bullets

The Tracker fires normal bullets, their stats are similar to those of the Basic Tank, but the reload speed is slightly faster.


Every 4 seconds, the Tracker will fire a Drone, this is not affected by Reload upgrades. The Drone will behave like a bullet, it will move in the direction in which it was shot, but if it comes near any enemy tanks, it will stray off its path to hit that tank. These Drones have slightly higher penetration and speed than normal Overseer/Overlord drones, making them hard to dodge.


The Tracker is good with high bullet speed builds, as this makes its bullets harder to dodge, especially the Drones. Penetration is also important, as the Drones have good base penetration, making it hard to outpenetrate them for most classes. Reload is not that important since it doesn't affect the Drone reload speed, so it isn't recommended to have maxxed Reload upgrades, but you should still upgrade your Reload a bit to fire normal bullets faster. Bullet damage is super important, the more you upgrade it, the stronger your bullets and Drones are. Speed is also important to be able to chase other tanks.

For example: 3/2/0/7/7/73/4 would be a pretty good build.

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