Hi To Everyone who reads this! This is my first game mode idea ~Eros

Game mode Info:

This game starts like a team death match but after 5 minutes, 50% of the players of each teams will be Traitors. Traitors have the same color as their teammate but they can kill them and can't kill the enemy team.You will be notified if you will become a traitor but the others cannot notice it. Every 1 minute after the 5 minute start will change 50% of the players from each team to traitors so everyone will be a traitor. Every 30 seconds, there will a double traitor this traitor can kill all players.


  • You can be killed by same colored teammates. but you cannot kill enemy colored players and you cannot go to the enemy teams base because the triangles will kill you even if you are a traitor.
  • The game mode will have four base but only two colors. As i have said above, 50% of each team's players will be traitors so 25% for each base. Example: There are 24 players in Blue Team, 12 will be traitors 6 of the traitors are on one of the base while six are on the other one.
  • Double Traitors can be on any base.
  • All players will re spawn so that you can be on the other base or just re spawn and no one can directly notice that you are a traitor.But your level and stats will still be the same.
  • Double Traitors can kill other Double Traitors but Traitors of the same color cannot kill each other. Traitors of different colors can kill each other.

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