A Trapezoid Beast

Trapezoid Beasts are polygons that unlike others, move. They also have more attack power than the rest. They are different from pink triangles, for a reason.

note : I'll add my own polygon idea list


The largest is the Alpha Beast, the second largest is the Beta Beast, and the third is the Normal Beast.

- Alpha : EXP : 30,000 / On hit damage 100 / HP  : 10,000

- Beta : Exp : 10,000 / On hit damage 50 / HP  : 10,000

- Normals : Exp : 5,900 / On hit Damage 40 / HP:5,999

Sighting and behaviour

Trapezoid Beasts randomly enter the arena from the border to get to the other side of the border. They push other polygons aside, but the Pink Triangle fights them. These beasts are friendly unless tormented by Pink Triangles or players. When one is injured, the rest will join a fight to kill the attackers. They attempt to run at you, but are slower the larger they are. The best strategy to kill them is to circle them, as they are slow.

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