The Trapper God, or Donald Trump, is an Event Boss that spawns in an Event Gamemode titled Trumped!. Created by ZathusTheMageV. This a joke conception, but also not.



Akkaviv is perfect.

The Trapper God looks like a Mothership, except almost twice as large, and covered in Trapper barrels, but about half as many as a Mothership has drone spawners. On it, various gifs, images, and clips from Donald Trump's speeches will play and change every few seconds.


When the game mode first starts, Donald Trump is no where to be found. However, wandering around the map will show many AI Controlled Trappers of every type: Normal Trappers, Tri-Trappers, Auto Trappers, ALL the Trappers. Once 50 have been killed (they spawn about as often as an Alpha Pentagon, but can appear anywhere on the map), the Trapper God will spawn for 2 minutes. These all have the name "Trump Supporter".

Once those two minutes have passed, a sound byte yelling "I will build a great wall!" from his speech will be played, as the boss begins spinning rapidly before vanishing. You need to kill 50 more Trump Supporters in order to spawn him in. Damage you did before carries over between Donald Trump summons.

BGM: (When it ends, Donald Trump disappears until the next summon, where the song restarts until he leaves again, etc.)


  • We Will Build A Great Wall: Seven Mega Trappers with the name 'Wall Builder' will appear from around Trump, and place a seven-trap-long wall of Mega Traps.
  • I Know Words, I Have The Best Words: Will begin launching traps out from one his barrels super fast that trace out one of three words. These words can be 'Huge', 'Great', or 'Terrific'.
  • GOP Backup: Two giant Smashers will begin rotating around Donald Trump, and chase after nearby players.
  • Political Correctness?: All players will be pushed to one half of the arena, as a giant, six-Mega Trap thick wall is formed between the players, and Donald Trump. He will slowly heal during this time, as Trump Supporters attack from all angles.
  • Ring of Traps: Fires out four rings of fast moving Traps while rapidly rotating.
  • Democracy: Random explosive bullets will begin raining in from the top of the screen, blowing up into rings of bullets upon contact with players.
  • Bicep Crush: Grows two giant arms from the sides of the tanks, and smashes them together beneath him. This insta-kills all touched tanks, and releases a ring of Traps outward in all directions from the impact site.
  • Speech!: Will become Invulnerable, and the music will stop. For 5 minutes, Donald Trump will stay and an entire portion from one of his speeches will play during this time. While this is happening, endless waves of Trump Supporters will spawn, but are flashing and way stronger than their non-speech counterparts.


  • Is a joke... but also isn't.
  • Inspiration taken from here.
  • The first example of a new type of Boss I'm creating, the Event Boss!
  • Like a Mothership, when he is alive and in the field, there is an arrow pointing to him.
  • When killed, instead of saying "You were killed by (tank)," on the Death Screen, it says "You got Trumped by Donald!" as a brick wall begins forming in front of your tank icon at the death screen.
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