This is just a concept idea for a new boss in Such enemy doesn't exist. (Maybe)


Trapperzoid is a swift, orange trapezoid shaped boss, equipped with a single Mega Trapper launcher, and three gunner cannons at the front. It is an uncommon chance for this boss to spawn in the arena.

This boss most likely will only spawn in Team DM and Domination.


BGM remastered:


The Trapperzoid appears to be a large trapezoid-shaped tank, it has a Mega Trapper Launcher at the long end, and at the front it has three gunner shaped cannons. Trapperzoid

The Profile








Boss Stats

This boss has 3,000 HP, and it regenerates 40 HP per second. It can regenerate its entire health pool within 75 seconds, which means there has to be a DPS greater than 40 to begin decreasing its health. It regenerates constantly unless it gets hit, it will have a 0.3 second delay before regenerating again. Since this boss regenerates extremely fast, tanks have to be constantly damaging it to prevent regeneration. Trapperzoid will deal 30 HP of body damage per hit.

Trapperzoid is very fast, comparable to the Triangle Tank class, due to the heavy recoil from the rapidly firing trap launcher. The body itself will move only twice as fast as a normal boss. This enemy will reward 40,000 EXP and Points upon death.

Mega Trapper Launcher TrapLauncher

The launcher on the back of the enemy launches large traps, similar in size to the Mega Trapper. Unlike the Mega Trapper's launcher, this one launches traps at a much greater rate, about what a normal trapper launches. The range however is limited, since these traps are large. The launcher has the same recoil effect as a Destroyer. These traps have 6 points of penetration and 5 points of damage.

Gunner Cannons

These are more similar to a fully upgraded Gunner Trapper. The bullets have high penetration and speed, making them deadly to tanks with less health, and can weaken stronger tanks before the boss rams into them. The boss only fires them if a player tank is in front and in the way of the boss. The cannons have high reload and little to no recoil. These bullets could be deflected by larger bullets with high penetration.



If there is no target around, it will move forward, turning around when it approaches a border or base.

When it attacks a tank, it launches its traps to propel the tank forward, similar to how a Destroyer Class tank launches its cannon to move faster, it aims its gunner cannons at the target, and charges into the opponent.

The gunner cannons can reduce the health of the tank, melee class tanks like Smashers or Tri-Angles will be damaged before it gets hit, increasing the risk of getting crushed if it were a head-on collision. The mega traps left behind can protect the boss in case some tanks try to attack it from behind. It will mainly target tanks level 15 and above.


If low in health, the boss quickly boost away from any tank level 15 and above. It will lay its traps behind, which can disrupt chasers. The boss regenerates fairly quickly, allowing it to revert back to ramming when it has more than half of its health. The boss also will shoot its gunner cannons if in a tight situation.


(My Predictions)

  • Strong Against: Ramming Builds, Weak Tanks, Slow Tanks, Overseer Branch, Sniper Classes
  • Weak Against: High DPS and Penetration, Focus-Fire DPS, Necromancers.
    • It might be possible that Trapper classes can launch their traps when the Trapperzoid charges, the trap can deflect the bullets and deal a decent amount of damage, but its risky to try to deflect a head-on collision course.
    • A group of Tanks can quickly kill this boss, but they need to constantly decrease its health, or else it will regenerate it again.
    • Never try to go directly behind the Trapperzoid, since it can launch its Mega Traps which can end up killing the tank.
    • Don't try to ram into this tank, it can maneuver around quickly and a side hit will be difficult to execute, the Gunner Bullets can also weaken the target, making them do less damage and more vulnerable, long story short, It will destroy you. (Though if you're a spike with full health and body damage, you may do a lot to the boss... but you likely won't be there to appreciate it)
    • If this boss is in low HP, rammers might be able to kill it.
    • Streamliners might have trouble penetrating through the bullets and traps.
  • When being chased by the Trapperzoid, it's best to run away if possible, an Alpha Pentagon or a group of tanks might distract it.



Old Design

  • There used to be an older design for this boss, it used to be flatter and have lines that connect from the bottom to vertices towards the top. It was redesigned to fit more into style.
  • This boss has a unique shape for its body.
  • If it were added in the game, it will be the second boss that uses traps.
  • If added, it will have the lowest health pool compared to any other bosses, but most regenerative.
  • Buffed regeneration from 30 to 50 per second, but now added a delay when being hit.
    • Debuffed regeneration to 40 HP because of it's HP boost.
  • For a while it used to have 3,000 HP, then the boss buff update happened and to keep things a little more challenging it was buffed to 3,000 HP, which is equal to many other polygon bosses.

Name Origin

"Trapperzoid" is a portmanteau of "Trapper", a Tank in, and trapezoid, a quadrilateral.

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