Trumped! is an Event Gamemode. The end goal is to all kill the Trapper God, Donald Trump. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


This Event Gamemode is only selectable to play for up to two weeks after the 2016 elections end, and that's only if Donald Trump wins, making this one of the rarest Event Game Modes. If he wins the 2016 elections, and gets re-elected in 2020, the game mode will be playable again for two weeks after (if is even a thing for that long).


  • XP from Polygons is the same as FFA.
  • Killing a "Trump Supporter" tank, gives 1500 XP.
  • Trapper upgrades are restricted.
  • Prophet is restricted.
  • Pentagon Nest spawns less Alpha Pentagons, but have an increased chance of spawning "Trump Supporters".
  • Traps can randomly occur as 'Polygons', but are decently rare.

Trump Supporters

AI Controlled Tanks donning the name "Trump Supporters" will spawn occasionally around the map. They're about as rare a spawn as an Alpha Pentagon, but can spawn anywhere in the map.

Trump Supporters can be any Trapper-based player tank. Once fifty are killed, the Trapper God spawns. For info on his fight, go there.


The game ends once the Trapper God is killed, and a new game is started at the next hour (so if a game of Trumped! ended at 10:42, the next one wouldn't start until 11:00. It'd suck if you kill Trump at 11:01. This system keeps the event special, like they should be.

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