The Twin Destroyer is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Flank Destroyer.


The Twin Destroyer has two Destroyer cannons the top one stacked on the bottom one, similar to the way the cannons are stacked on the Streamliner.



The Twin Destroyer shoots twice as fast as a Destroyer. Nothing else changes.


Typical controls.


Strong Against: Overseer class tanks; slow tanks

Weak Against: Trapper, Assassin, and Hunter class tanks; fast tanks

As the Twin Destroyer


  • Damage upgrades: Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage
  • Reload and Bullet Speed are important because Destroyer class tanks lack it.
  • Since your bullets do a lot of damage, get Absorb.
  • Upgrade Body Damage, Max Health, Movement Speed, and Health Regen if you want to ram.


  • Use common sense to see who you will avoid and who you will kill.

Against the Twin Destroyer

  • Fight it as you would if it was a Destroyer, but remember it has two cannons, shoots twice as fast, and has a lot of recoil.
  • Beware if it is a ramming Twin Destroyer.


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  • Idea by Pulty, do not steal.

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