Twin Machine Gun

The Twin Machine Gun is an level 30 upgrade choice from the Machine Gun or Twin It is over all a Machine Gun with doubled firerate but much, much more spread. (more than the Sprayer's.)


The Twin Machine Gun features two machine guns next to eachother, but not overlapping one or another. The barrels meet at the middle of the tank, so there is no really direct firing. The tank size remains the same as the Machine Gun.


The twin machine gun has a base stat debuff to movement speed, but gets a decrease in bullet penetration, and bullet damage gets a very slight debuff. Maximum Health is increased.


Against the Twin Machine Gun

  • Try to keep your distance (unless playing as a body damage build), as they can do alot of damage in a very short time.
  • Most of the sniper branch can deal lots of damage without taking barely any in return.
  • Tanks with focused fire and high DPS and bullet penetration (ex. glass cannon triplet) can easily take out a Twin Machine Gun.
  • The overseer branch is not very bad against this tank, as the tank has a debuffed Movement speed stat. Try to maneuver your drones in a way so that they go directly to the Twin Machine Gun, since the side fire can damage your drones quite a bit.

As The Twin Machine Gun

  • In order to damage a certain enemy, aim sideways so one of your machine guns can focus on the target.
  • The Twin Machine Gun has very high bullet spread. Use this to your advantage as the losing team on Team DM.
  • Against the overseer branches, try to get close to the enemy and aim a barrel at the target. It usually can kill the drone user.
  • Try avoiding the sniper branch (exceptions for trappers) and the Triplet as a glass cannon


  • It is very good at spawnkilling in Team DM as well as taking the Pentagon Nest in all the gamemodes.

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