The Twin Stalker is a tank that shoots two bullets from its two cannons. It branches off the Twin tank.


The Twin Stalker has two cannons facing at the same direction. The cannons look like a stalkers cannon halved.The second tank that goes invisible after staying in the same place for a while.


  • Same sized bullets as the Twin
  • Slightly increased Bullet Penetration and Bullet damage
  • Goes invisible after staying in at the same place for 2 seconds
  • Decreased movement speed



  • Go and burst down your opponents with your bullet rain.
  • Then retreat, find a safe place, go invisible and let your hp regenarate.
  • Surprise attack when a tank comes close to you.
  • Use your invisiblity to get close to other tanks due to your low movement speed


  • In battles, make sure you are not being attacked from your back, because of you can deal with only one enemy.
  • When you are not being attacked, farm or go invisible if you are at low health

Countering the Twin Stalker

  • As a ram, just kill them accidentally, or if they want to burst you down, try to get to their back.
  • As an Overlord/ Overseer/ Necromancer, always guard yourself with your drones at the pentagon nest. Be safe!
  • As Destroyer, you just kill it, its the ultimate counter
  • As any other class, always fire to the direction you are facing


  • Twins stalker was inspired by two tanks: Twin and Stalker
  • This page shows a tank that doesn't exist in the game at the moment.

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